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Top Stories at PalletCentral

NWPCA Announces Release of FastenerSync™

The NWPCA had developed new software called FastenerSync™ that will enhance the communication of fastener specifications between fastener suppliers and wood pallet manufacturers with the following features:

  • FastenerSync™ can be used to create complete and professional documentation of all the fastener specifications defined in the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets and required as input to the Pallet Design System™ (PDS).
  • FastenerSync™ calculates fastener withdrawal resistance and lateral resistance in a pallet connection (e.g. deckboards fastened to stringers or blocks).
  • FastenerSync™ can create fastener specification data files directly readable by PDS – allowing fastener suppliers to easily provide specifications for their fasteners to customers that use PDS. (PDS Users may wish to encourage their fastener supplier to obtain FastenerSync™ and provide fastener specifications and data files for all fasteners they purchase.)

FastenerSync™ is primarily intended for fastener suppliers to the wood pallet industry. It is available at no cost to NWPCA Members....Learn more about FastenerSync™ or contact Susan Cheney (phone: 703-519-6104).

PDS™ Training Course Announced
April 30-May 2, 2014 in Oakland, CA

Plan now to join Pallet Design System™ Director John McLeod at the Waterfront Hotel (Oakland, California), as he leads attendees through the features of PDS v.5.1. This intensive, hands-on training course enables participants to confidently use the features and capabilities of PDS™ Version 5.1, understand how the design of wood pallets affects their strength, stiffness and durability, and design wood pallets to meet customer’ unit load handling requirements. Learn more and register here.

NWPCA Job Announcement

The NWPCA posted a job announcement for Vice President - Advocacy and External Affairs in several association-related job boards. NWPCA is looking for a candidate to be responsible in three primary areas: advocacy, communications and business development. The full job announcement can be accessed here. Please forward to any candidate you think appropriate for the position. They can submit their resume to:palletinfo@palletcentral.com

Pallets Move the World®

PMTW-youtube-1 Video release of "Pallets Move the World®" generated a lot of excitement during the NWPCA’s Annual Leadership Conference opening session on March 2, 2014. The one-minute video received nearly 400 “hits” in the first few days after the public release and clearly details the connection of pallets to our daily lives. Whether hardwood or softwood, international or domestic, block or stringer, wooden pallets truly do move the world and we are proud to help tell the story...Watch the video

Lean Manufacturing: Cut Time, Materials and Motion

In the business world, trimming the fat has proven to add to your bottom line. Three NWPCA members were open to share their opinions on "lean" in their business and how'll they'll continue to challenge themselves in 2014...Read the full article here.

Did You Know?

NWPCA posts the Did You Know items from our E-Newsletters that contain facts about the sustainability and market strengths of wood packaging. We will continue to add to this list so keep visiting the site for information you can use to promote your products and industry.



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