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Pallet Foundation Research & Projects
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Sponsored Projects Over the Years

The Pallet Foundation remains committed to the ongoing development and research for projects of benefit to the wood packaging industry, including financial support to the Pallet Design System™ (PDS) to ensure that PDS is the leading unit-load design system and that PDS remains cutting-edge technology. Since its inception in 1996, below is a sampling of projects supported by The Pallet Foundation:

  • Research adhesive fasteners for pallets (1998)
  • Research impact of changes in shipping logistics on pallet markets (2000)
  • Research impact of evolving retailing methods on pallet use in the U.S. (2000)
  • Enable PDS to evaluate remanufactured pallets and pallets constructed with recycled parts (2001)
  • Wood-based composite material (2001)
  • Modifying the PDS to predict the performance of pallets assembled with used, reclaimed wood pallet parts (2002)
  • Audio CD test project: fact sheets and Washington Alerts in audio format (2002)
  • Assess the use of pressure sensitive film in the topographical mapping of the mechanical stresses on wood pallets during use (2003)
  • Preliminary performance evaluation of pallets made of green finger jointed hardwood components (2003)
  • Cost Study: Renting vs. Purchasing Pallets (2003)
  • Develop cost effective, light weight wood-based composite material not subject to IPPC Guidelines (2004)
  • Pallet and container production & recycling research (2004)
  • Finger-jointing of green hardwood pallet parts follow-up to verify technical feasibility of use in assembled pallets (2004)
  • Topographical mapping of the mechanical stressing of wood pallets during use (2004)
  • Grocery Distribution Study (2005)
  • Webnet Safety & Health Training program (2005)
  • Improving the properties of wood packaging (2006)
  • Trends in raw material supply (2006)
  • Trends in wood waste and by-products (2006)  
  • Comparison of wood versus alternative materials (2006)
  • Employer Policy & Procedures Manual (2007)
  • I-9 compliance manual/training and enforcement training (2007)
  • NWPCA Employer Policy & Procedures Manual into Spanish (2008)
  • Lab testing @ Virginia Tech to develop the expanded structural and durability analysis and supplement wood pallet test data in PDS (2009)
  • Purchase digital pressure mat to conduct initial laboratory testing for PDS (2011)
  • Outreach to packaging universities to build awareness of PDS and positive environmental attributes of wood packaging (2015)
  • Nature’s Packaging: Collaborative environmental promotion program with the Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association and Western Pallet Association (2015)
  • Unit Load testing and research for PDS (2015)

Support The Pallet Foundation

Make an online contribution (secure server) or mail a check/money order to: The Pallet Foundation, Inc. c/o NWPCA, 1421 Prince Street, Suite 340, Alexandria, VA 22314. The Pallet Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation and all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Contributors will receive a statement for tax purposes. Please contact the foundation treasurer, Michael Saylor, if you need additional assistance.