Pallets Move the World®

NWPCA organizes several events throughout the year including an Annual Leadership Conference, Fall Plant Tours and Pallet Design System training courses.

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Pallet Design System™

Premier industry leading pallet design software specifically designed for the wood pallet industry. Start a free trial today and learn how to make a safer, cost-effective and more durable pallet.

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Locate NWPCA member companies that manufacture, recycle or provide equipment and supplies to the wood packaging industry.

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Pallet Industry Monthly Survey

NWPCA started a new monthly ‘quick survey’ that gathers information on the business environment to identify trends and top issues. It is informal and entirely anonymous. We want to hear about the overall business perceptions of wood packaging professionals like you. When you respond, you'll be able to see how your peers compare to your response in real-time .... take the survey here.

NWPCA REleases Fire Code COmpliance Manual (SPanish)

The release broadens the Association's educational outreach and distribution of proven best fire safety practices in the Hispanic more.

Pallet Foundation

Formed in 1996, the Pallet Foundation supports research, education/training and safety in the wood packaging industry while promoting the industry to end-user markets.

The Foundation has also consistently supported testing, data collection and analysis for various Pallet Design System™ pallet configurations. The Pallet Foundation remains committed to the ongoing development and research for projects of benefit to the wood packaging industry...Learn more

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