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Select Your Member Type

Please read the descriptions below to determine the appropriate membership category. Next to each description, you may either join NWPCA online or download the printable application. Contact NWPCA if you have any questions about membership at 703-519-6104.

Industry (Domestic or International)

Industry membership shall be available to any company, corporation, partnership, proprietorship engaged in wood or wood-fiber based pallet, container or reel manufacturing, recycling, repair, distribution or wholesaler. Domestic (conducting business within the 48 contiguous states of the United States, Alaska and Hawaii): Download Industry (Domestic) application; International (not doing business in the United States): Download International application or, continue sign-up below.

Associate Members

Associate membership is available to any company engaged in the business of providing goods or services to Industry Members, and who is not eligible for Industry membership. These include sawmill or repair equipment, drying and heat-treatment equipment, trucking, storage, manufacturing supplies (blades, cutters, saws, fasteners, raw material), service providers (banking, insurance, inspection, kiln-drying, heat treatment) and other companies that provide essential supplies to the industry. Download application or continue sign-up below.

End User

End User membership is available to any company, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, or other entity that is regularly engaged in the design, handling, purchase, or use of those products manufactured by Industry Members as defined above. Download application or sign-up below.


Free subscription for individuals (employees) that want to receive communications from NWPCA, regardless of membership status of their company. These include subscriptions to PalletCentral magazine (print/digital), announcements of NWPCA conferences, information updates on the Pallet Design Systemâ„¢, trainings and other. However, please note that full website access is restricted to subscribers employed by an NWPCA member company (Industry, Associate, End-User) as described above.