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Blog Name / Description No. of Posts Last Activity
Insights on Labor & Workforce
Workforce recruitment and retention is critical to the success of any business. The November-December 2017 edition of PalletCentral provided insights from our industry thought leaders on the topic. Let's continue the conversation...
18 2/8/2018
Talking Safety - Best Practices Shared
The Year of Safety.....There is much to say on the topic of safety - worker safety, fire code safety, or forklift safety. As developments in robotics and automation grow, codes change, there are challenges to the wood packaging industry to find less costly solutions while maintaining the safety of workers and the surrounding communities. Add comments below or post your own blog to add to the dialogue.
3 8/14/2017
Lean Manufacturing: Cut Time, Materials, Motion
PalletCentral spoke with NWPCA members about their lean manufacturing processes. What does it mean to be lean in the pallet industry? The dialogue continues...
4 4/21/2016
Industry Thought Leaders-General Topics
Industry experts discuss various topics of interest to the wood packaging industry. Learn what these thought leaders have to say on several issues, and share your comments.
8 12/14/2016
Mold: Tips of the Trade
Discussion on mold. Some pro-active approaches to prevent mold, or reactive ones to treat mold once it is found, are shared by industry experts, pallet manufacturers and the wood preservation industry.
2 4/21/2016
Technology: Industry's Favorite Toys & Gadgets
Embracing new technology is not easy. Is the wood packaging industry ready? The following comments from our industry thought leaders share on several areas of old and new technology, along with a little nostalgia. We reached out to all of our members and here is what they had to say in answer to the following questions: Q1: What ‘old’ technologies/equipment do you still use? Fax machine, dot matrix printer, walkie talkie, pagers, paper rolodex, etc? Q2: What modern day technology/equipment do you use (laptop computer, smartphone, paperless fax machine, electronic billing/invoicing, business software? Q3: Which new tools are your favorite toys that you or your business couldn’t survive without in today’s business environment? Q4: Which available new technologies, such as driverless vehicles, drones, robotics, 3-D printing, RFIDs or other, do you anticipate using for your business in the short term (1-3 years) or long term (3-10 years)?
9 8/14/2017
From the President/CEO & Chairman
Letters from our volunteer Chairman, and the NWPCA President/CEO, published for PalletCentral Magazine.
3 12/14/2016
Social Media: Is It Worth Your Time?
The buzz with social media continues, and many NWPCA members are involved in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like. So how do you know if all your social media efforts are really paying off? You already have a small staff already wearing multiple hats. Is adding tweets and posts to their workload all worth the time and investment? Post a blog and/or share a business nugget or two, and continue the dialogue.
3 10/5/2016