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The Pallet Design System: Recent and Future Developments
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Presentation: Friday, March 9, 2018

The pallet design systemtm: recent and future developments

NWPCA engineers will discuss PDS developments, including the new availability of Pallet Specification, Drawings, and Analysis printouts in seven international languages.  Recent changes in safety checks on connection strength in the PDS structural analysis will be discussed, as will new options in the lateral collapse resistance analysis.  Insights from our current research on structural behavior of unit loads of corrugated boxes will also be presented.

About kristen DeLack, PE

Kristen DeLack is a 20 year veteran Structural Engineer who joined NWPCA in 2016. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and Virginia. Kristen graduated Summa Cum Laude from VA Tech with two Bachelor’s and one Master’s degrees, concentrating in multidisciplinary and structural engineering. Prior to joining NWPCA, Kristen worked in the offshore oil and gas industry as a structural engineer and engineering project manager. During this time, she developed design and analysis software tools that helped engineers efficiently design and build safe subsea structures. She is widely recognized as an expert in finite element analysis, which serves as the backbone for calculations performed by PDS.

In her spare time, Kristen is an avid woodworker and historic preservation enthusiast. She currently serves on the Blacksburg, VA Historic and Design Review Board

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