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PDS 2020: Beyond Pallet Design
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Presentation: thursday, March 5, 2020

PDS 2020: Beyond Pallet Design

After years of significant investment of financial resources and staff time toward the development of unit load design, NWPCA released the first phase of unit load design for corrugated boxes in PDS.

This fast-paced session, led by NWPCA staff and leading pallet design experts, will explore the new cutting-edge technology that is available in PDS, as well as what’s soon to come. We’ll overview how the unit load analysis for corrugated boxes works and show how pallet design has been revolutionized so that you can provide greater service to your customers. We’ll also highlight what is coming out in the latest and upcoming versions of PDS, including new design features and enhanced unit load design for drums and pails.

  • Kristen DeLack, PE, Structural Engineer
  • Brad Gething, PhD, Director of Science & Technology Integration
  • Kevin Richey, Software Engineer
  • Farhad Shahabi, PhD, Finite Element Analyst

About Kristen DeLack, pe

Kristen DeLack is a 20 year veteran Structural Engineer who joined NWPCA in 2016. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and Virginia. Kristen graduated Summa Cum Laude from VA Tech with two Bachelor’s and one Master’s degrees, concentrating in multidisciplinary and structural engineering. Prior to joining NWPCA, Kristen worked in the offshore oil and gas industry as a structural engineer and engineering project manager. During this time, she developed design and analysis software tools that helped engineers efficiently design and build safe subsea structures. She is widely recognized as an expert in finite element analysis, which serves as the backbone for calculations performed by PDS.

about brad gething, phd

Brad Gething, PhD, is NWPCA's Director of Science & Technology Integration. He serves as point of contact for PDS design support and education. He also participates in various standards bodies, promotion of research and development, and support on other technical and regulatory issues to the wood packaging industry. Prior to joining NWPCA staff in 2013, Brad worked at Penn State University as a post-doctoral scholar, researching issues relation to the phytosanitation of wood packaging and ISPM-15.

About Laszlo Horvath, Phd

Laszlo Horvath is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech. He received an MS in Wood Engineering and an MS in Engineering Management from the University of West Hungary in 2007. He also received a PhD in Forest Biomaterials from North Carolina State University in 2010. Dr. Horvath is currently the Director of the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design. He is teaching package engineering and pallet design to both undergraduate and graduate students. His research areas include the analysis of interactions between the components of unit loads and the development of bio-based and sustainable packaging materials.

about kevin richey

Kevin Richey is PDS software engineer with twenty years of practice in the Information Technology industry. His specialty is Windows desktop application development, a perfect fit for The Pallet Design System. He started writing computer programs in fourth grade and completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech in 1998. His career also covers work in health insurance and he is responsible for launching several large e-mail systems. When not writing software, Kevin enjoys board games, Lego blocks, and Minecraft with his two sons, as well as dancing with his wife

about farhad shahabi, phd

Farhad Shahabi, PHD, is a computational mechanics engineer with research and development experience in mechanics of materials and structures. His main focus is on developing multiscale finite element analysis software as a tool for a higher resolution material modeling for engineering applications through capturing the materials micro-structures physics in a computationally efficient approach. He received his PhD in Civil Engineering-Engineering Science from the University of Colorado Boulder. He also has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bahonar University of Kerman.

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