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Nwpca Committees & Community outreach

The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) is committed to supporting local communities through its members across the county. NWPCA members support their local communities through innovative and meaningful ways, whether in-kind-contributions or volunteer efforts, they are there as part of their communities. The NWPCA is looking at ways to further efforts to help those who cannot help themselves and encourage new ideas and partnerships. To this end, please let us know of your thoughts on further domestic and international relief effort opportunities or if you can donate your time.

NWPCA Committees 

NWPCA’s programs are discussed and developed by members who invest their time and expertise by serving on NWPCA’s committees and councils. Committee recommendations for programs, strategies, and priorities are sent to the Board of Directors for approval. NWPCA Members can sign-up for a committee by completing the form below.

Industry Marketing Committee

Industry Marketing is focused on promoting the wooden pallet and wood container industry and associated products and services. The committee performs in close harmony with all other functional committees of the organization through the Communication Committee. Chair: Lindsey Shean; Vice Chair: Glenn Meeks.

Government Affairs Committee

Responsible for developing and influencing a favorable regulatory, legislative and business environment within which the wooden pallet and container industry functions. To this end, the committee promotes the best interest of the industry through strategic alliances with customer end-user groups and other wood-reliant trade groups, government officials, supply chain participants and related research and educational facilities. Chair: Mike Hachtman; Vice Chair: Ben Remmey.

Recyclers Council

A product-focused council charged with defining and implementing market and profit opportunities for NWPCA members who repair, remanufacture and recycle wooden unit load platforms. In accomplishing this scope and purpose, the council requires and requests assistance from all functionally-based committees, including PDS Advisory Group, Research, Standards, Industry Marketing and Government Affairs, and Membership Committees. Such requests are disseminated through the Communication Committee and its integration activities. Chair: Jeff Lewis.

Science and Technology Advisory Council

Responsible for identifying needs and trends, proposing research opportunities, and overseeing approved research activities as defined by the committees, council, staff and membership and approved by the Board of Directors. Chair: LeRoi Cochran.

Standards Committee

Responsible for developing and maintaining NWPCA’s Voluntary Uniform Standards for wood pallets and containers. Moreover, the committee maintains ongoing contact with other domestic and international standards organizations. Of equal importance, the committee interfaces with regulatory agencies for the development of industry "best practice" positions particularly as relates to plant and operational safety issues. The Standards Committee performs in close harmony with all other functional committees of the organization through the Communication Committee. Chair: Ralph Rupert

(Photos: Graduate students from the School of Packaging at Michigan State University participating at the NWPCA 2014 Recyclers Conference; NWPCA 2014 Board of Directors; Kaitlin Manning, The Nelson Company with James Ruder, L&R Pallet at PalletFest. L&R Pallet provided five truckloads of pallets for the event.)

NWPCA Committee Sign-Up

NWPCA members are eligible to serve on various committees. Please complete and check below your level of interests. An NWPCA staff person will contact you with more details.