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Life Cycle Assessment for Wooden Pallets
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It's time to Move the wood debate beyond the rhetoric
Survey for US-Based Companies only

We know that wood is renewable, biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. An environmental production declaration (EPD) moves our industry past the rhetoric debate and clearly establishes wood as the best environmental product compared to other materials. Wood clearly wins!

The only way to prove "wood wins" is with an EPD research project, funded by The Pallet Foundation. However, we need production data on 170 million pallets (new and recycled)! Data collected from US-based companies only - large and small  - is critical to the success of an EPD

start the survey & find cost savings

Examine your operations with this exercise, and participate in the survey. The energy audit portion helps you find hidden cost savings. The most time spent is the data collection process. Little time is needed once the data has been collected. Need more details? Watch the video below (click the YouTube icon to zoom full screen). 

 Watch LCA Survey Information Webinar 
Click the YouTube icon to zoom full screen.
(Fast forward to 10:22 to skip the intro/background and get right to it!)
Note: The survey applies to US-based companies only.

Ask us How

NWPCA members have volunteered their time to help anyone needing assistance in completing the survey. Please phone or email them below, or contact USDA or NWPCA staff:

Bob Wenner 
Pallet Service Corporation


Hinton Howell
Cottondale Wood Products


Sevda Alanya-Rosenbaum
LCA Researcher

USDA Forest Products Lab

Brad Gething, PhD



Get Ready, gather data

The survey applies only to US-based companies. Before you get started, familiarize yourself with the materials you'll need before taking the survey. Those materials are listed in each of the four tabs of the survey spreadsheets. Click for example:

  • Your energy bills for 2018 (entire year) that show electricity usage, fuel consumption, material flows, and environmental emissions. Set aside about 5 hours for this process. Watch video to see how your peers handled this section. Note that estimates are acceptable where specific measurements are not available.
  • An equipment list to help with energy calculations is available. Contact Brad Gething for a copy.
  • Once data is collected, the survey portion takes on average an hour to complete.
  • Return the completed survey to Sevda Alanya-Rosenbaum, LCA Researcher, USDA Forest Products Lab (do not return to NWPCA).

Take the survey

The links below take you to the survey, instructions, and data requirements. All surveys must be returned directly to the USDA. There are a few options to complete the survey: download the spreadsheets or request your unique company link to complete survey online.

From Bob Wenner, Pallet Service Corporation

“What a great opportunity we have to move the needle beyond the rhetoric. We can, once and for all, prove that wood wins. However, with every great opportunity, comes some sweat equity. Spend the time to pull the data, and participate in the LCA Survey. We can show the world what great products we manufacture and recycle. But we need a lot of data to complete this project, and finally prove that wood wins! Please do your part." ~ Bob Wenner, President of Pallet Service Corporation, Chairman of The Pallet Foundation

Return the Survey

All surveys must be returned directly to Sevda Alanya-Rosenbaum, LCA Researcher, US Forest Products Lab. Do not send your survey to NWPCA. If you run into any problems in completing the survey, please phone Sevda at 610-316-7871, or contact one of our industry volunteers listed above.