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How-To Manage Your Profile
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Faster, Easier & SImpler Online is fast becoming the single-source for the wooden packaging industry. There are also many benefits as a registered user to help you manage your public business profile and data, and also pay invoices – all online. Updated information ensures when people important to your business visit the NWPCA website, they have your correct information. Below are a few hints to get you started.

How To Manage Your Company Profile


How-To Videos


Individual Specific

  • Upload Headshot Image

    Company Specific

  • Renew Membership

  • NWPCA is developing more videos. Please check back as videos will be updated monthly.

    Only NWPCA Member Companies are searchable in the online directory, viewed by over 30,000 each month. There is only one person per company assigned to “manage” a company profile, and that username/password is different than signing-in as yourself. Designating one person per company prevents multiple employees from changing your company data and personnel. It's very important to keep a company profile updated so that our website visitors can be directed to your company when searching for your specific products and services.

  • Accuracy in Online Searchable Directory
  • Editing/reviewing your company’s specific products and service offering allows web visitors to connect with you easier. With over 30,000 webpage views per month at, not checking a box for a specific product or service could mean losing a potential customer. Here's how: Sign-in (using company username/password) >> “Manage Profile" >> "Edit Bio" tab. Review and "x" all the applicable boxes related to your company products and services, then save your changes. Information in your profile is made searchable by visitors, so please review/edit accordingly.

  • Review/Pay Company Invoices
  • Paying invoices online through our secure server ensures there is no lapse in membership services, including usage of PDS. Save postage and time, collect and save invoices/receipts with ease. Here's how: Sign-in >> “Manage Profile” >> “Invoices, Payments and History” tab. Payment for membership dues, PDS renewals, and conference registrations are all available online through our secure server.

  • Enhance Company Branding
  • Upload your company logo to your business profile. Your company logo is visible in our searchable directory, as is your company contact information. Here's how: Sign-in >> Hover over the picture icon box. Look for the “Add Photo” icon that pops out and follow the prompts.
    Login to manage company profile

    How to Manage Your Personal Profile

    There are slight differences between company and individual profiles, however many of the features described above are still applicable. Example: as an individual, you would upload your headshot to your personal profile, whereas a company would upload their logo to the company profile.

  • Separate Login
  • There is a separate login username and password as an individual. In this way, our software management system recognizes that you are the person, and not the company. Paying invoices online are generally the function as a company vs. the person, so you would likely not see any outstanding invoices in your personal profile. However, conference registration can be handled by either the company or a person.

  • E-Mail Communications, Print Communications: PalletCentral Magazine
  • Generally, a person, not the company, receives communications (E-News, The Advocate, PDS News, Events, PalletCentral magazine subscriptions) of their choosing. Our website allows each person to "opt-in/out" of various communications and mailings. 

    Note: You do not have to be affiliated with an NWPCA member company to register on our website, however there are restrictions on accessibility associated with non-members vs. members. For example, anyone can subscribe to PalletCentral magazine or receive NWPCA Events announcements or PDS news; NWPCA E-News or "The Advocate" is restricted to NWPCA members only. Members can maintain "connections," a file library, access certain areas of the website, etc. while non-members are blocked from some site features and content.

    Update your personal profile. Here's how: Sign-in >>"Edit Bio" (under "Account Information"), click "Email Preferences" for the various NWPCA communications. On the same screen, under "Additional Information", check the box for your PalletCentral magazine preference or to unsubscribe.
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    Explore site features

    Once you've managed your profile with the basic instructions outlined above, take a few minutes to explore the other site features and see what is behind the other icons in your profile. You'll soon discover there is alot that can be done at and over time, we hope our website will become your single-source for the wooden packaging industry. 

    If you cannot access your own profile, or need to designate someone to manage the company profile, please contact NWPCA staff at 703‐519‐6104 or email Susan Cheney, NWPCA Membership Services Manager.