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Mold and Pallets: Updates and News Articles
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An increasing demand for mold-free wood packaging in the food and pharmaceutical sectors has led to a greater need to understand the finer points of the mold issue.

Below are some relevant articles written exclusively for PalletCentral. News updates and other research documents will be added as they become available. Please check back often and/or subscribe to our industry blog discussion on mold to share insight and best practices. 
  • What Don't You Know About Mold? (March-April 2014)
  • Food and pharmaceutical companies have brought a new scrutiny to pallets and are raising the bar for clean standards from the farm or factory to the dinner table and medicine cabinet. Mold is a prime target because it is readily available. Three industry experts share their views on mold and practical solutions for storage and shipment. By Dr. Brad Gething, PhD 

  • Mold and Pallets: An Update (May, 2013)
  • Prevention of mold is always preferred and there are a variety of methods for limiting mold growth on pallets. By Dr. Jeff Morrell, PhD


Please direct any technical questions about mold and pallets to NWPCA's technical and PDS manager, Dr. Brad Gething, PhD at 703-519-6104.