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Pallet Design System™ Support
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PDS Releases

NOTE: Users will automatically be updated to the latest version - PDS V6.1 - upon login. During the update, your computer might display a message that reads: "SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk." This is a common warning from Windows security; it is safe to run.

January 8, 2020 - NWPCA RELEASES PDS 6.1 for panel deck pallets

Improvements and new features included in PDS 6.1:

  • Doubled the number of stringers for stringer pallets from a limit of nine to eighteen.
  • Up to two bottom deckboards located between blocks, running parallel to the pallet length can be analyzed.
  • More sophisticated panel deck pallet analysis models are better able to capture performance differences between designs.
  • Read the full PDS V6.1 Product Release and example schematic.

September 25, 2019 - NWPCA Releases PDS 6.0 Unit Load for Boxes:

PDS 6.0 Unit Load for Boxes is the most advanced tool in the world that considers the interaction between wooden pallets and corrugated boxes. The tool takes technology normally associated with space flight, race cars, and jet engines, and uses it to gain insight into wooden pallets and corrugated boxes. PDS 6.0 allows pallet designers to prevent cargo damage, while optimizing cost and material efficiency. Additional improvements and new features are:


A comprehensive PDS User’s Guide is built into the software program to help answer questions 24/7 regarding pallet design. It is readily available and accessible from the Opening Window Start Dialog, through the Help menu, and at the bottom left of every window within the design wizard. PDS Users can also search this valuable resource to learn more about pallet design from a variety of topics.

Technical Issues - Contact Us

NWPCA employs a great team of dedicated professionals that can assist with the wide range of technical and other issues related to use of PDS, LoadSync™ and FastenerSync™.  Contact below to answer questions about the product or issues you are encountering, or phone us at: 703-519-6104.

Susan Cheney, PDS and Membership Services Manager
  • Software downloads
  • Changing Computers
  • Lease Renewals, Sales, add-ons
  • Billing, payments

Brad Gething, PhD, Director of Science & Technology Integration
  • Troubleshooting a pallet design with your desired specification

Kevin Richey, Senior Software Engineer
  • Software function issues

Learn more about The Pallet Design System™ of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association by contacting NWPCA Headquarters at 703-519-6104.