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PalletCentral magazine is the journal for the solid wood packaging industry published by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. The magazine is distributed to more than 6,800 wood pallet and container companies and industry suppliers worldwide.

PalletCentral is published 6/x per year, subscriptions are complimentary in both print and digital. To start /manage your subscription, sign-up here . If you're not sure of your subscription status, sign-up anyway and let us check for duplicates.

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july-august 2020 - Buyer's guide

  • Member Commentary: Delivering on Expectations
  • Hardwood Industry Under Duress
  • OSHA: Beat the Heat
  • Buyer's Guide of Suppliers & Service Providers
  • Nature's Packaging Blog: Importance of Pallet Markings & Color

MAy-June 2020

  • Unchartered Economic Waters
  • Member Survey: Uncertainty is Biggest Concern
  • COVID-19: Next Steps for Workplace Safety
  • Getting 'Best Fit' Company Risk of Loss Insurance
  • Wood Pallets - Recycled or New?

March-April 2020

  • Essential Business, Critical Workforce: How Members are Coping in the COVID Crisis
  • COVID: OSHA & DOT Considerations
  • Circular Economy
  • Big Win on Biomass Residuals
  • Sustainability for Corporate Leaders

january-february 2020

  • Cybersecurity: Clean up your Act or Get Cleaned Out
  • Economy: The Expansion Keeps Going, Except for Manufacturing Sector
  • OSHA Launches New Amputation NEP
  • Blog: Hispanics in the Pallet Industry
  • NWPCA Year in Review; State of the Industry

November-December 2019

september-october 2019

  • Great Leadership, Great Workplaces
  • Keeping Your Employees Safe
  • Addressing Invasive Species
  • Hardwood Raw Materials Availability
  • Top Three Things Your Customers Want to Know

July-August 2019

  • Associate Members Buyer's Guide
  • Medical Marijuana Laws Prompt Changes to HR & Safety Policies
  • A Millennial View on Communications
  • OSHA on Wood Dust Exposures & Solutions
  • Policy at Play: Standing in the Middle, Looking at Both Sides of the Aisle

MAy-JUNE 2019

  • Wooden Packaging Industry's Resurgence Mirrors that of U.S. Economy
  • ISPM 15: Interview with APHIS
  • Economy-Mixed Signals: Time to be Concerned?
  • OSHA Issues RFI on Lockout/Tagout Standard Update
  • Senator Duckworth is Champion of Jobs & Small Businesses
  • Spotlight on Fall Plant Tour Hosts


  • Identifying Wood Discolorations
  • "Joint Employer" Rule Changes Considered
  • Southern Pine Sawtimber vs. Residuals
  • Don't Let a Crisis Define You
  • FAQs for Pallets & Crates

January-February 2019

  • Pallets Move the World - Our Industry, Our Story
  • Collaboration is Key to Truck Capacity
  • Lumber Price Outlook: Some Very Good News
  • Hardwood Production Slows
  • OSHA: Drone Usage
  • Meet the Team Behind PDS

November-December 2018

  • Industry Thought Leaders Share Insights and Predictions for 2019
  • OSHA Issues Revised Policy on Safety Incentive & Drug Testing
  • The Amazon Effect on the Wood Packaging Industry
  • Policy at Play - Bradley Byrne Champions Wood Pallet Industry
  • The Political State After the Mid-Terms

September-October 2018

July-August 2018

May-june 2018

March-April 2018

January-February 2018


September-October 2017

  • The Women Who Move Pallets
  • Expanding the Talent Pool
  • OSHA Launches E-Recordkeeping Data Submission Platform
  • Insurance: Dropping Off Trailers
  • Recycling Wood Pallets Reduces Carbon Emissions
  • Pallets are Popping Up all Over

july-august 2017 - Associate MEmbers Buyers Guide

  • Protecting Forests: ISPM-15 Works
  • Economy: Modest Growth Will Continue
  • OSHA: VPP Program Reboot Anticipated
  • An Inside View From a Millennial
  • Industry Thought Leaders Share Market Commentary

MAy-June 2017

  • Safeguarding our Workers & our Communities: FAQ on Fire Code Compliance for Outdoor Pallet Storage; NWPCA Code Compliance Manual
  • Trucking Advances Agenda on Safety
  • OSHA: The "First Half-Year"
  • Pallet Industry Growth Could Benefit Hardwood Suppliers
  • Industry Thought Leaders Share Two Sides to Softwood Lumber

March-April 2017

  • Selling Value in a Commodity Market
  • Regulatory Reform Initiatives & OSHA
  • What Can PDS Do For My Business?
  • Pallet Mold Prevention Strategies: Moisture Control and Other Alternatives
  • USDA BioPreferred Q&A

January-February 2017

  • Industrial Markets Overview
  • OSHAs New Fall Protection Offers Flexibility - But Will It Last?
  • A New Policy Era Begins
  • Legislation Moving in 2017
  • Expanding Your Workforce: 5 Tax Tips
  • Leased Employees Hurt on the Job...Am I Covered?

November-December 2016

  • Industry Thought Leaders Share Their Favorite Toys & Gadgets
  • OSHA Forecast 2017
  • BioPreferred: You Know It. Now You Can Show It.
  • Southern Hardwood Sawtimber Markets & Pricing Trends
  • Video Marketing: Now, Too Easy and Inexpensive to Ignore

September-October 2016

  • Zero Waste Makes Good Business and Environmental Sense
  • Zika is Now an OSHA Issue
  • Hardwood Insights
  • Economy: Adjusting to a New Reality-Slower Growth
  • Finance: The Super 401(k) Design
  • Insurance: Crime Coverage: Am I Covered for a Loss that Occurred Two Years Ago?

July-August 2016 "Buyer's Guide" Edition

  • NWPCA Associate Members Buyer's Guide
  • OSHA's Electronic Recordkeeping Final Rule Analysis
  • Hardwood Suppliers and the Wooden Pallet Industry
  • Industry Thought Leaders Supplier Commentary
  • FDA Sanitary Transportation for Pallets
  • Lowering Worker's Compensation Cost by Building a Safety Culture

MAy-June 2016

  • Industry Thought Leaders Share Keys to a Trust-Centered Culture
  • OSHA: Where HR & Safety Intersect
  • The Three Deadly Sins of Property Insurance for Pallet Companies
  • Trucking Trends
  • Designing a Pallet for Efficient Material Usage
  • The Economy: Why Didn't Falling Oil Prices Boost Economic Growth
 March-April 2016
 January-February 2016
  • Wood Products Solutions - All in One Place: An ALC Preview
  • OSHA & DOJ Step Up Criminal Enforcement
  • The Softwood Supply Picture
  • Outdoor Pallet Storage
  • The Economy: Stuck in 2nd Gear
  • Blog: Crisis Management-Responding at the Speed of Social Media
November-December 2015
  • Industry Thought Leaders Make Predictions for 2016
  • OSHA: What's Ahead for 2016?
  • Low-Grade Hardwood Markets Amply Supplied
  • The 2016 Presidential Election - Is Conventional Wisdom Dead?
  • Three Reasons to Outsource
  • Business Blog: How Pallet Collars Changed Business in 2015

september-october 2015

  • Industry Thought Leaders Share Communication Strategies to Attract & Keep Great Customers
  • LoadSync: A No-Cost Collaborative Solution for Unit Load Challenges
  • Economy: Trade Winds Slow U.S. Growth
  • Business Interruption: Taking a Proactive Approach
  • NWPCA & ALSC Continue Work on Process Improvements

July-August "Buyer's Guide" Edition

  • Associate Members Buyer's Guide
  • Best Practices for Band Saw Safety
  • Industry Thought Leaders: Supplier Markets Commentary
  • Farm Fresh, Delivered on a Pallet
  • Pallet Durability Analysis
  • A Fresh Look at the Wood Pellet Industry's Revolution
May-June 2015
  • The Print Industry is Here to Stay
  • Economy: A Few Small Bumps in the Road
  • ICC Outdoor Pallet Storage Fire Code: An Update
  • Industry Thought Leaders: Building a Better Workplace Environment
  • Pallet Design Help is Just a Click Away
  • Where do U.S. Forest Products Stand Globally
March-April 2015
  • Pharmaceutical Pallets
  • A Much Different Picture (Industrial Hardwood Lumber Markets)
  • OSHA HazCom Enforcement, Let's Get it Right
  • Industry Thought Leaders: Building a Better Pallet, Getting the Edge on Saw Blades
  • Pallet Design for Five Gallon Plastic Pails
  • A "Little" Bit About Business Growth