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wood packaging political action committee

The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (PalletPAC) is an opportunity for the wood packaging sector to help elect, and re-elect pro-wood candidates. One hundred percent of PalletPAC funds support Members of Congress who share our views.

It is vital that the wood packaging sector participates in growing a successful PAC to give our industry a voice and actively work to advance the wooden pallet and container's interest.


Political action committees (PACs) sponsored by corporate-based trade associations, like PalletPAC, are required by federal law to obtain a corporate member company’s approval before asking eligible individuals to join or informing them about PAC-related activities. 


PACs impact elections. When like-minded people demonstrate their engagement in the political process, our legislators listen. By contributing to PalletPAC you remind candidates that the wood packaging industry touches every community nationwide. As an Association, NWPCA is prohibited from using our general treasury funds to make contributions in connection with a federal election. However, we are permitted to establish a political action committee; PalletPAC is funded solely by individual and personal contributions to support candidates.


Q: What is Palletpac?

A: NWPCA's PalletPAC was established to promote NWPCA member company involvement in the political process, to give PalletPAC members a forum to support candidates for U.S. Congress, and elect officials who are supportive of the wood packaging industry.

Q: Who is eligible to contribute?

A: Various classes of individuals are eligible to contribute to PalletPAC. Generally, contributions may be made by members of the "restricted class." The restricted class consists of:

  • The association’s executive and administrative personnel
  • The families of the above group
  • Individuals who are employed by the NWCPA’s member companies and have provided Prior Approval to be solicited for donations to this PAC.

Q: Why Should I sign a Prior Approval Form?

A: The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires PalletPAC to obtain written approval from corporate members before it may solicit and accept contributions from employees of the member company. Granting Prior Approval does not obligate the company or its employees to support PalletPAC, but it simply gives permission to communicate in much greater detail about the PAC to certain employees. 

Q: How is PalletPAC money spent?

A: PalletPAC funds are used solely for the purpose of contributing directly to federal candidates. PalletPAC is bipartisan and supports candidates whose positions and decisions impact the wood packaging industry. Contributions are based on:

  • Candidate support of issues important to NWPCA members;
  • Candidate’s committee assignment; and
  • Candidate’s voting record